Sweet & French are two words never used together unless wine is involved

So why am I using them together now?

The other day I was watching YouTube videos. Click baiting along as anyone does.

Recently I’ve been listening to a bit of Defected records so naturally their videos were popping up. I initially started listening to defected stuff because of DJ Sam Divine (whom recently got married I believe? Congratulations!) But I like Defected’s videos because of the way they are shot. The balance between the crowd to DJ, the different angles and the audio mixing of the crowd and music, make the videos enjoyable to watch. So in my sidebar I saw a video for a DJ called Honey Dijon. Now admittedly the reason I clicked on this video was not because she was Female but because she was Black also. This was certainly something I had never seen before. Which strikes me as very odd in 2018 but maybe that’s just me?

I proceeded to watch and found that I was almost at the end of the video before I knew it. I’d loved it. I was so happy that there was a DJ playing ‘with’ the music and making it their own thing. So many DJs now just mix, they never try anything new, they play a set and get paid. Then here was this girl, dropping vocals in while two tracks are playing, taking a risk, and enjoying every moment of it, if not a little nervous. Defected filming **It’s Actually Boiler Room! Also great videos My appologies.** doing some good work. Close-ups of the DJ working. Crowd shots. I enjoyed my time watching and listening.

Fifty one percent

(That’s the name of the new womens section when I get around to it.) I will start off with off with one of my favourite DJs of the moment. She’s not scared of taking risks. She doesn’t just play the music she plays with the music which I think is very important for a good DJ. I will be keeping an eye on her over the coming months and wish her the best of luck in all her endevours.
I think you too, should check her out, if you aspire to be a good DJ or even just to remember there are no excuses when it comes to being one.

To: Honey Dijon,

Give me a shout. I’ve tried a few avenues to put together a 10 min interview  but to no avail.
Give you’re promoter a nudge and please ask him to get in touch: Contact@wecreated.fun

Now…. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Dj’s, musicians, producers, Singers and Mc’.
The Hottest DJ of the moment in our opinion, who will be Headlining come 2019 no doubt.
         The groove generater…
                                                                    Honey Dijon!

MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software

About three weeks pass and I’m thinking what I can do for the website?

How can I blog things that I believe in while still making it appealing?
Sidenote – I have struggled a bit due to lack of knowledge from day one with the website, even though I know I have ideas it’s not as easy put into practice without knowledge and money.
Anyway – It was then I realised, I forgotton one of my main goals, which was to assist the women in the world of music production. In finding their recognition for their achievements and to inspire others to follow.
That’s when I remembered the DJ, Honey Dijon. I thought perfect. A talented woman that I would think is on the cusp of going big, she will be a prime example and inspiration for young women.
I did what I had to do. I traced as far as I could to Honey Dijon’s management / record label I added the website to follow on Twitter, Facebook, insta etc.
OH MY LORD! I didn’t see that one coming. My plan for a strong female figure to lead the female section of the website just took a slight knock to say the least. It wasn’t even a compromisable thing. For a female section, you kinda need one thing at least…… A Female.
I’d clearly missed it, I guess it wasn’t important, but unfortunately Honey Dijon was not going to fit into this catogory. What was I going to do………

MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative Software

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