Special Waves Adaptable Customisable midi

Special Waves Adaptable Customisable midi

Special Waves Mine S

Special Waves Mine S Adaptable Customisable Midi
known commonly as just Mine S, can communicate via different protocols:MIDI, HID, OSC, DMX, and the Art-net protocol. You can even control more than one software and/or protocol at a time for maximum flexibility and fluid transition from one task to the next.

Without hands on I can not comment on build quality. The Midi Adaptable controller is being brought to market through Indegogo Crowd Funding Definately worth checking out, there’s some great tech ideas over there.
So what do we think about Mine S?
This could be both great and pointless. Pointless is the wrong word, un-needed maybe? I say this meaning that a section of users will or would only use certain elements like pads for example, of which there’s loads already on the market doing their thing, from Roli to Novation and all inbetween. DJ’s I doubt would use this unless their act involves more than mixing music. Although I can see how it can be intergrated with lighting effects perhaps.
The App market, with Android and iOS is only getting stronger. Using midi connections through USB, Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth.
The Special Waves Mine S midi has wired connections only at present. Possibly a later model or late production change will see at least one form of wireless connection available on the Mine S. Who knows?

Final Thoughts…..

At present a cool idea in an already dominated market. Priced Waaaay too high for functionality & reputation. The Push 2 for Ableton can be picked up for £250 mint condition on ebay the same price as the Mine S. NI Machine can be found for around the same price and the top end models from Akai if you hunt around.
If it’s small and compact you’re after Roli do mini launchpads or there’s IK Multimedias Uno Synth at just £150 Brand new
The Mine S Platinum Pro Pack comes in at just under £430 reduced from £666!!
so almost £200 for the extra 12 buttons it does make me wonder how much individuals are to replace and if they are even available?
I wish the team behind the Mine 2 all the best and hope they can break into the market

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