RouteNote Free Distribution review

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RouteNote Free Distribution review is the second review that we are gonna try. Amuse.io passed with flying coulors on what they claimed and delivered so that’s a great start.
RouteNote Music Distribution Simplified 
as their website tells us, are the next company we put to the test for free distribution. like the previous review with Amuse. RouteNote take a percentage of earnings. 85% goes to you the artist and they keep 15% to cover their costs. This is a far better deal than with amuse’s 50%

Routenote do also offer a premium service but we’ll only be looking at the Free service.
What they say about premium.

RouteNote Premium
Perfect for an artist with an established fan base
With our Premium Distribution plan you get everything that makes our free service great and a whole deal more! For a small upfront cost you keep 100% of the royalties. Our distribution plans are designed to ensure you have total control and flexibility, ensuring the cheapest per product distribution available.
What will Premium Cost ? Artists keep 100% of royalties
Singles $10
EP $20
Album $30
Extended Album $45

I didn’t find an app for mobile and tablet like amuse. but they do have some very clear bright statistic pages on their website which are fully compatible to be viewed on mobile devices. as seen below

RouteNote Direct

Here you can create and customise your own store enabling you to sell your releases directly to your fans.
To get your release onto Routenote Direct is simple.When creating your release add Routenote Direct as one of your stores or access your finished releases and add Routenote Direct as one of your partners.

As I write this today is Monday, I uploaded my song which I will link below yesterday evening including artwork. The process was very easy to follow but two points I would like to make.
The artwork MUST be 3000 x 3000px in size, it even rejected one that was x 3002px.

RouteNote artwork upload page Guide

We’ve updated our ‘Upload Artwork’ page to look better, work better and prepare to make your cover art even better quality on stores.

When you log in to www.routenote.com and upload your music you’ll notice we have a new and improved page to upload your artwork from that looks fresh and makes it easier to use.

Tired of rooting through folders to find your artwork? Upload your image by simply dragging and dropping the file into the page with new Drag and Drop support.

You’ll also notice a message warning you that our requirements for cover art dimensions will be changing soon. 

Next month we will require the dimensions of your artwork image to be 3000px instead of 1425px to ensure the highest quality on stores.

Until then you can still upload anything between 1425px and 3000px dimensions if it is exactly square.

RouteNote Free Music Distribution do offer a software program to do this for you but I didn’t try it which in hindsight I should have.
Personally I’m fine with resizing images & creating my own artwork, but not everybody has learnt how to or will want to do of course, but if you’re unsure on how to resize images, it would be good looking into how before trying to upload. An easy tool I’ve just tried (Simple image Resizer) this may be the same as Routenote I can’t remember but it works and it’s free.
The Mp3 must be 320kbps. Something to look out for if you use a free mastering service like Landar
Routenote say 192kbps or higher on their website (posted 2015) although I was told 320kbps when I uploaded last night.

RouteNote Audio upload page Guide

How to Convert Your Audio Files to the Required Format for RouteNote Digital Music Distribution?

Important: Your audio must meet the format specifications below to go live in the digital stores. Content holders are responsible for properly formatting their content.

To convert your audio to 16 bit (sample size), 44.1 kHz (sample rate), 1411 kbps (bit rate) stereo MP3 files 192kbps or higher, head to: Xrecode.

Xrecode.com is a freeware audio converter that makes it very easy to convert your music into any format.

Other than the two points above everything else was straightforward with ​RouteNote Free Distribution.
adding which stores to be distributed to with simple as shown below. I just chose everything and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the YouTube video ends turns out?

Other than the two points above everything else was straightforward with ​RouteNote Free Music Distribution.
adding which stores to be distributed to with simple as shown below. I just chose everything and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the YouTube video ends turns out?

Whilst going over my account on Routenote, I’ve found that I can add details about my current youtube channel and also whitelist channels that I allow my music to be played. The second being a really cool feature. Whether this would effect anything if I didn’t already have a youtube channel I’m unsure, Unfortunatelty at the time of writing this, Routnotes ‘youtube info’ page is 404.
There is the info from the two pages I found below

Youtube Network
Welcome to RouteNote's YouTube Network offering. Here you can apply to have your channels linked to RouteNote's
YouTube Network. As part of our Network we can offer partners a higher level of monetisation,
video promotion across the network, stats and much more.
Anybody with a channel and active content may apply, however, we will only be able to accept your channels if they are in
good standing with YouTube.
Best of all, our offering is NO LOCK IN. Meaning you can choose to leave at any time, free of charge and free of hassle!
YouTube Content ID Settings
Welcome to RouteNote's Content ID offering. Simply put, Content ID allows artists and labels to monetise their content across the YouTube platform. It does this by using audio matching software which identifies and claims videos using your audio matches.
As part of the Content ID offering we are also submitting releases for auto-generated videos, or "Art Tracks," for use within
YouTube and their Music Key service.
In this section, users are welcome to whitelist YouTube channels (with granted permission by the artist or label) to use
and monetise audio outside of RouteNote's control. This could be your own, or a favoured promotional
channel for example.
Due to the nature of audio matching software there are some rules to using this system, which are summarised below.

Looks like I need a few more plays to qualify for routenotes youtube network.

To qualify for monetization your channel must now meet YouTubes new minimum requirements of 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months and 1000 Subscribers minimum. If your channel meets those guidelines YouTube will enable monetisation on your channel and then you are free to join our network. For more information on this please visit (https://youtube-creators.googleblog.com/2018/01/additional-changes-to-youtube-partner.html).

Update 17/10

It’s been 4 days since I submitted my song to RouteNote and other than the Youtube email above explaining I didn’t have enough followers to post my song to youtube, I have had zero corrispondence from RouteNote. Not even a marketing email.
I have also been unable to login to their website without resetting my password everytime. An issue I have raised with their support team.
According to RouteNotes website my song is still pending moderation.

screen shot of routenote

Update 18/10  –    Woo Hoo! we are a Go from Routnote.

Routenote approval

What happens now?

Distribution can take 7-14 days for most of our partner services, however these times do vary. If you have selected a Sales Start Date for your release, it will not appear Live on the service until that date. Please be aware some stores offer automated pre-order on products with a Sales Start Date.

Update 24/10  –  I hadn’t checked up on RouteNote Free Distribution since the advisery email, the last one they sent me, said 7 – 14 days. So with a recent run of unfortunate luck I figured Why not check.
Boom! I’ve checked a few sites and below is the youtube video they promised published the day of the previous update. (Admittedly I never checked since I uploaded)

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