Before you upgrade your PC or Mac

Before you upgrade your PC or Mac


It’s been about four or five months since I wrote this post and I’m convinced now more than ever on it’s content. I’ve come back to this post because, last night I was setting up my sons new Galaxy tab with cloud gaming, for his birthday today. I have been trying different cloud gaming systems and even pissed around with my phone (galaxy S9 plus) for a bit and latency felt well…… pretty none existant. Both phone and tab streamed clear for all the games I tried.
Now of course there’s a difference between Gaming and Audio production but, virtual machines really are the next logical step in personal computing, entertainment and home learning, so why should audio production be any different?

Before you upgrade your PC or Mac for Audio production and you ponder the speed of the i7 versus the i5 or maybe the i9 at the time of reading this?
While you calculate 16 GB Ram versus 8 GB versus 32 GB vs 64 GB?
I’m going to tell you what can be acheived for very little cost if any at all or at least save you some money and make the upgrade decision an easy one. Please just read this before you buy.

Save your money, look into using a virtual cloud machine. Seriously

Over the last six months I’ve been learning a whole heap on websites, Web hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers, local servers, and waiters. The last one is a joke.
I’ve been learning the ins and outs of the Internet whilst trying to get we created off the ground.

But before We Created was even envisioned I was talking to a friend in Africa who was telling me about the lack of computing hardware available. Rather than through financial hardship it was more just availability.
At the time I passed it off as a shame I wish I could help but life was it is what it is.

As I learnt more about the web hosting and how the internet works and webpages worked I began to realise that they were stored basically on another computer, a cloud virtual computer.

While I was thinking about this. It was, towards Christmas time, I was thinking about my boys and how I could conjure up an online gaming system whereby they could all play the games but cost me a fraction of the price!!

It was then I stumbled upon cloud gaming.

Well, not only was I late to the party, Errrm no that’s it, I was just late to the party.

Not only is cloud gaming a thing. iI’s a massive industry already, without even being commercialised as far as I’m aware.

Of course this leads me to Dum dum dum…….
Music production on a virtual cloud machine.

So a few facts

Is it possible? Hell yes. I’ve done it myself using both Ableton Live 10 and FL studio 20 (demo versions)  on the three “big boys” Google, Microsoft and Amazon

Is it affordable? As far as I can gather yes, unless your extreme music producing In which case just buy new computer.

Is there lag? Yes. Roughly a second from what I tested. But… One year ago I wouldn’t have thought this possible, or at least not so cheap it’s almost free.

So do expect lag In a year? No! Or minimal.

Do I need a powerful computer? No, that’s the whole joy. It’s dependent upon your Internet connection not the machine that you use to connect. You could run this stuff of your mobile phone.

The cloud machine does all the work you just connect to it!

Now I can waffle on for the next half an hour about Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and a whole bunch of others but the best thing is for you to just go out there and try it for yourself!

If you don’t think it’s any good, Then hell, you can always just ponder over the i7 versus the i5!

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