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Noiiz & OBS Live Review thing

Noiiz and OBS Live from Streamelements reviewed, tried & tested.

Stream labs OBS Live

OBS.Live is StreamElements' add-on to OBS project (Open Broadcaster Software), the leading software for video recording and live streaming. OBS.Live is optimized for gaming & IRL live streaming, integrating both your Twitch chat into OBS, and your StreamElements activity feed.

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Noiiz is a revolutionary new service for music producers that gives you unlimited access to a vast library of loops, samples, synth presets, virtual instruments and software plugins. Giving you an endless supply of fresh inspiration, whenever and wherever you need it.

*Let it be noted for the record that my laptop has no graphics whatsoever
**let it also be noted I’m not affiliated with OBS, Noiiz nor YouNow

Why the review?

With the last 6 to 12 months of my life being mainly focused on building a website, learning different coding and script, learning behind-the-scenes of online advertising, affiliation, social reach, plug-ins and widgets. The actual music production side of my life had become more focused on ways to show off software then to actually make music.

Stream elements Screen cap
OBS Live screen capture

Now with 2019 firmly a go and not much production in 2018 a decision had to be made for little me time.
Of course that didn’t quite work out as planned and ended up doing a three and one. Working on a new remix, testing out OBS live & trying out Noiiz’s daw plug-in.

As most people are, I’m a fan of OBS and have an many occasion streamed using stream labs version, chew.tv’s version and of course the original version of OBS.So of course wanted to try out stream elements new OBS live and have done so for a couple of weeks now. Truth be told I can’t even remember where I stumbled upon it?

*Let it be noted for the record that my laptop has no graphics whatsoever
**let it also be noted I’m not affiliated with OBS, Noiiz nor YouNow

Then there’s Noiiz.

I’ve been using their daw plug-in in various bits and bobs over the last six months and have to say that I’m a fan. There’s a few websites out there doing similar to what Noiiz are doing but I find Noiiz just has that little bit extra.

I’ve been saying for months now that I would do a review Noiiz, with the added urge to try the new OBS and my new personal mission to make a song, incorporating everything in a one was too good to miss! Throw in my favourite streaming platform YouNow.com and the scene is set.

Let's just get down to the facts or the truth be tolds.

Fact is OBS live is heavily associated with Twitch, the two companies seem to have merged ideas and however that may come across as a form of affiliation or favouritism, that in no way makes OBS a Twitch only platform.
Truth be told far from it.
Let’s not forget that OBS is freeware open source software. So no real claim can ever be made to being the owner, regardless of adaptations.

Of course

It’s a big plus if you’re a Twitch streamer and even if you’re not this software works exactly like previous versions of OBS, except a has been done behind the scenes to improve performance.
I tested it out by streaming live on YouNow the beginnings of a remix whilst recording with OBS and the results were very very good.

Onto Noiiz and their part in this little fairytale.

Fact is, it is a damn good product, truth be told it is a damn good product!
As many of you know, the first thing to be checked on a plug-in is accessibility. Pass with a 95%. It’s extremely versatile but there’s my own personal gripe with the fonts.
Now when it comes to the samples themselves, these are top quality, highly customisable from key to tempo and even pitch thrown in. This is on every single sample and all without purchase until the final drag and drop! Noiiz certainly gives you your money’s worth when it comes to choice. Noiiz also give you some fantastic instrument plug-ins and filter I’m yet to try.

So to conclude.....

StreamElements OBS Live is definitely the best version of OBS I’ve tried and will regularly be my go to when it comes to live streaming.
Noiiz have done a fantastic job with the daw plug-in, the customisation is out of this world, especially considering the amount of different parametres you can change before actually purchasing the sample. Should I not been the situation that I am in, testing out plug-ins and software etc, then Noiiz would certainly be part of my music production setup.
These both get a definate Yes from me.


Okay so there’s a slight lag in audio, and I don’t like making videos. Using a rubbish mic and the lag I put down to the graphics of the laptop more than the software itself.

At the end of the day the best advice I can give you is go out and try them yourself!

Here’s where the song is WIP inc using Noiiz plugin samples. I’m sure the finished thing will be about soon

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