Kilo Hearts Phase Plant Audio Plugin Looks Awesome

KiloHearts Phase Plant is a Gamechanger: Says Me!

Phase plant is the synth we’ve all been waiting for. Simple and easy to use whilst intergrateable with a vast library of effects. Kilo hearts Phase plant delivers in a great sounding way

Before I tell you how very good Phaseplant from Kilohearts is  Check out this 15 second video below to ease you into the future

Kilohearts Phase plant really is good. So adapatble it could be called the Swedish army knife. Ha Ha, get it………. Ok moving on then.
Move over Serum.
Watch out Massive.
Out of the way Sylenth.
Watch you’re Back Spire.
Kontakt Who?

There’s a new Plugin in town and it isn’t messing about!

Below I will tell you how very good Phaseplant from Kilohearts is  Phaseplant is free to try so why not check for yourself. Sweet!

Phaseplant brings together ease of use and quality of sound. From the first random patch tried, (I hope hope these become a regular thing like other synth patches, hopefully user created ones will start flying about too) Yeah, first sound and I was buzzing! Once I started tweaking the different filters and waves and delays, frequencies, reverbs, custom macros, envelopes, threasholds, compressors, the endless list…. It became clear this was a synth that’s not fucking around. I used plurels because each component has it’s own. I know right!!

You can use all your regular Kilohearts plugins like Hass, Comb filter, EQ and even Faturator and Disperser plus if you’ve never tried Kilohearts they have Freebies! Pop on over because they have a fantastic range for you to try. TAKE ME TO KILOHEARTS

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