I love KiloHearts plugins. So will you.

KiloHearts are a Swedish company, whether that is supposed to mean efficiency, quality or just beautiful women I have no idea? Well I know the latter is true.

What I do know is that I fell in love with the plug-ins straightaway. From the basic design to the free snapping rack these plug-ins have it all.

First impressions

So let’s start with the basics, the looks. Simple grey design with nice big chunky buttons, help and information is displayed all times in the small section at the bottom of the plug-ins which is also at the bottom of the likes of snap-on and multipass so you never need to look for the ? Symbol to find out what you’re doing. They’ve also thrown in resizing with the bottom right-hand corner widget some windows have. These things can be very important. For some of us we may only be using a 14 inch laptop so all these plug-ins with tiny little knobs on you need a telescope just to see them. I must admit small buttons on plug-ins can really wind me up and certainly be the difference of whether I use it again certainly be the difference of whether I use it again. Which ties in nicely with accessibility. Both plug ins shown below are free to download and use.

It’s truly amazing that so many websites out there seem to forget there is a large disabled or less able population out there who want to make music too. So the simple resizing can make a massive difference to somebody visually impaired and even likes of dyslexia. It’s crazy how many companies forget not just from a moral standpoint but from a business standpoint that’s a big chunk of business They are cutting out straight away by not making your site or products accessible.If you’d like to check your own website accessability for free at Wave webaim ii will give you a good idea of what does and doesn’t need improving.

Kilo Hearts

*I’d love to hear your thoughts on accessibility? Are you somebody that uses accessibility functions or maybe someone you know does? Or even just like me, you are aware.please also get in touch if this is a new thing that you have never even thought about! After reading this will you be making changes to your own site, or checking out other sites to see how they’re doing? You can use the forum, chat room, private message, which ever is easiest for you. If you’d like some more information on accessability I’d be more than happy to help.

Back to the review

The first video belowWas probably my fourth attempt and it ended up being 28 minutes long, which is okay for a tutorial but a bit long for the review.
You see the problem is there’s just so much to show so little time, so I try to cover the free ones as I assume more people would use them. Truth be told I could probably fill a couple of hours telling you how great these plug-ins are.

My waffle review

Kilo Hearts

As you can see below the usual plugins you’d expect EQs; delays, limiters, gates, chorus. Then there is a few extras. I like the Haas a lot, which is a way of creating wider stereo sound. Same goes for the Stereo which just does it in a slightly different way. The Trance gate is very good. it’s a bit like a side-chain. So let’s say you’re side-chaining the kick drum to come through on the baseline. The baseline would have a whompy sound from when the compressor hits, well the Trance gate gives that effect without actually side-chaining. The amount of times it whomps is changeable along with the usual planning, gain et cetera.
The Faturater is a distortion plug-in which gives a lovely warm sound. I cover the Faturater in the bonus video and also the transient shaper. So make sure you get to the end of the post to catch the plug-ins in action.

My compressed non waffle review

Kilo Hearts

Unfortunately I don’t have time to cover every single plug-in but hopefully I’ve covered a broad spectrum to give you an idea of what they’re all about.
I’m not going to do any tutorials for two reasons. One they have the help on all of the plug-ins which is very easy to understand. Also if you go over to kilo hearts webpage they have many videos that are far superior to what I could produce. The last video below is a little bonus added because I was well within the 15 minutes I was aiming for.

So in conclusion. These are great plug-ins with a wide range & versatile use. I highly doubt you will be mastering with these plug-ins but that’s not what they was designed for. They are designed to do a job which they do well whilst being interchangeable to create your own FX chains.They are accessible already whether intentional or not which gets a big thumbs up from me.

Kilo Hearts

You’re more than welcome to leave comments, share your thoughts on the plug-ins, in either our forum our chatroom, private chat, heck make your own posts you want.I hope you enjoy the plug-ins as much as I have done and will continue to do so in the future

Mark aka Gods Doctor


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