Indiefy Music Distribution Free

Indiefy Music Distribution Free

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How to Distribute Music with Indiefy​. Indiefy Free Music Distribution have every chance to be the one that blows me away with customer service, speed, efficiency and only taking a little off the top. RouteNote are currently leading the free distribution race from what I have reviewed so far, but they were lacking in many places that could be easily improved upon.
The first thing good note about with Indiefy is the multiple ways to sign up with social media or email creative you’re someone like me who’s pretty sick and tired of continuously writing the same forms over and over.
The dashboard looked pretty clean and simple to follow but let’s have a look what they have to say about themselves

Routenote Know How to Distribute Music a good free distribution site

“We provide you with tools to help you as an artist to success in today’s music industry”

Get the opportunity in getting placed on our main playlists. We have the right connections to regularly promote our releases”

“Indiefy Network will give you even more exposure, get real followers, organic followers that will give you even more fans and streams”

How to Distribute Music with Indiefy. Indiefy Free Music Distribution have a nice easy-to-use website, uploading and distributing is very simple. They also have a app which I haven’t actually used but would if I was using Indiefy on a regular basis


Update: Indiefy got my track onto Beatport, free, no questions asked


beatport thingy

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