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IK multimedia caught my attention a while ago with their "Musicians first" approach

IK Multimedia's iLoud Micro Monitor

“With their electronic page turners for the orchestral musician included in the iKlip series”

They have since impressed me further, the more I have learnt about them and used their wonderful tools in making music.

“No other company I know of right now has hardware and/or software that is mobile friendly yet has the quality of a professionally produced sound.”

IK Multimedia's iRig Keys I/O

IK multimedia caught my attention a while ago, with their no-nonsense approach to music. Guided by their company motto of “musicians first” I thought these were big ideals to pursue, fulfil and to also execute.
Hailing from a small town of Modena in Italy you, famed for its balsamic vinegar more than musicians or software developers. Could this small company produce big results?
Could putting musicians first and foremost before profit and fame really work out?
I’m happy to say that yes it could!
And I’m happy to say at present are doing exceptionally well!
Whilst software companies around them produced versions 2 and versions 3 of their software, IK multimedia quietly worked on the niches within the music industry. They worked on improving areas that would be most beneficial for artists rather than what would give them the biggest headlines. They have been, so far, living up to their motto of “musicians first”

No other company I know of right now has hardware and/or software that is mobile friendly yet has the quality of a professionally produced sound. No other company sits back and lets the product do the talking the way IK multimedia do with theirs.

This to me speaks volumes of the quality of hardware and software that they are producing. Showing their belief in their product, without the need to glamorise. Whilst adhering to their motto of musicians first.
So where does that leave me I hear you ask?


Well let me just cover a few of IK's fantastic ideas and see where we end up.

First up we have the IRig series. A modern day pocket sized, physical add on range with a studio quality feel, both within its software and hardware capabilities. Durable for any regular day-to-day needs, whilst still being small and lightweight. Multi-compatible with iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. The IRig series is definitely one for the producer on the go. Capable of turning your mobile phone into a studio quality amplifier for your guitar to record an off-the-cuff session or just to remember a riff for a future production. The IRig series will have you covered.

Of course IK have something for you!
With their electronic page turners for the orchestral musician included in their IKlip series of musician stands. Accompanied by their travel bags and Iloud speaker systems. IK are always one step ahead when it comes to a musicians needs.
As far as I can see IK multimedia live up to their motto of musicians first.

Within the IRig series there are also hardware MIDI control keyboards. Just like the keys 25 which boasts an obvious 25 key full-size keyboard as its main feature. Backed with a multitouch keypad and digital display for full control, user friendly launch pads, whilst of course being multi-compatible whatever your device. This is a MIDI device with the difference. The difference being, it’s not make things easy for the product designer. No. It’s made to help you, the music producer.
So that you don’t have to worry about your equipment and can concentrate on making your perfect sound the way you want to make it.
Okay so IK multimedia covers for journalists, but what about me I’m a Cello player and my sister is a violinist? I bet you don’t have anything to assist me do you?
– Did you not read what I wrote before? Covering the niche while their competitors release their follow-up versions?

Of course that's not all

Now, for all of my ramblings, I still haven’t told you everything that IK multimedia have to offer.
Whilst successfully catering for niche’s we didn’t know existed, with products like their iLine mobile music cable kit.
IK also delve into the software market which considering their portfolio thus far, could be forgiven if not on par with the rest of their products.
No! Not from these musical heros of Modena. Boasting twenty or more mobile phone and tablet apps alone, IK multimedia simply tip their hat in acknowledgement of a job well done. Leaving me with the both difficult and enjoyable task of telling you about their seven profesional and expandable software products.
All this and I still haven’t mentioned their new Uno Synth yet.

IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 3 for Mac/PC
IK Multimedia's iRig Pro I/OIK Multimedia's Syntronik
Uno Synth
IK Multimedia - iRig Pads
IK Multimedia's Fender Collection 2

There will be no Video I'm afraid

After repeated attempts to record IK apps in action, with my emulators having different ideas, I decided not to waste time and just tell you that they are awesome.
With IK multimedia having so many products it will take months for me to cover them properly, I’ve got a few songs were I have used IK multimedia is plug-ins to which I will create a mini video.
To be honest the best way to find out how good IK multimedia is products really are is to simply go check them out yourself.
There are plenty of demos and freebies to help you decide but I’m sure once you’ve tried you know I mean and you’ll become a fan like me to.

IK Multimedia's iRig Keys I/O

Musicians First

In my opinion IK Multimedia have delivered on their motto of muscians first. A no nonsense approach, without the need for gimmicks, just what you want, when you want it. They already know how you want it, now all ou have to do is go get it.


Using IK Multimedias products whether software or hardware. you always feel you can trust them to deliver


Being musicians themselves the creators of IK Multimedia really shows through in their design. things are just in the right place.


Regardless of which product you use or purchase from IK, You always feel like you are getting every last penny you've paid.

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