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Winners will be chosen and posted front page on Sunday evening UK. there’s no deadline but before 6pm gmt will ensure an entry that week. any uploads after this time will simply roll over for the next week. Your track will be available for all to hear on the user blog page
This will change Url location soon but will not effect your track.

Our story

Honestly it's just fiction for fun.....

Once upon a time in a far away Forest, on a faraway island, in a faraway ocean, way further away than Spain. A being was born.
A being more powerful than human imagination could possibly ever think of.

The doctor looked over at the exhausted mother cradling her new son in our hands. “So what you are calling?” He held his breath “him?”
“His father was Godfrey, but he passed in the last battle the Tatukan” The mother answered excitedly.
“I know” nodded the doctor.
“I will call him God!” She exclaimed.

The Doctor always knew the trouble that God would get into as he grew older. God was different from the others. He was a powerful being, the doctor was well aare alreadyNot one to seek the bad, a searcher of happiness.
 he had the evil inside him. The doctor knew this. That’s why he popped down to Earth for a while.

To keep a watchful eye over God’s…  Creatures

They were a strange bunch the Humans of Earth, they acted like their creater, careless and stupid . . But what the doctor found most interesting was their creativity. The arts, music, design and visions the humans had, were not witnessed in the known universe other than by the devine…..

Gods Doctor decided to stay on Earth a while, for research purposes he told everyone at the divinity meeting of the old, but secretly he enjoyed his time on that planet. He called his best friend Goat to tag along on the Adventure and off they went.

Music was the first art the Doctor discovered and soon the website as born…….. Literally born (It’s a long story for another time).

We hope you enjoy your time on the pages and posts we leave here and always love for you to share your music. Just upload on your profile “Blog” with an in use Tag and you’re done.

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