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DJ Effects Sound

DJ Effects are one of the earliest additions a beginner DJ makes to their arsenal. Effects are another tool up a DJs sleeve to feature creative thinking to their sets. they’ll even be accustomed assist with troublesome transitions. However, they’ll...

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Your Music

Your music, whether entries to a comp for feedback or just to share. this is where you can show off your talent.

The latest stories, reviews and thoughts from the music world, including Hot plug-ins, synths, global events and guides.

Amuse Free Music Distribution

Music Distribution we tried, tested and reviewed We used/use real song releases by real artists for a true real life test. Music Distributioin companies we tried inc Amuse,...

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Mix Challenge DJ City and Naira Marley

WIN!!! the chance to make an official remix for Naira’s next single, a FREE 3-month subscription with DJ City and Naira Marley merchandise. I am Naira Marley and with the rise of the artist like myself across the globe, I’m...

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Freaky Deaky DJ Contest mix Freaky Deaky flyer

DJ Contest Mix Freaky Deaky

DJ Contest Mix Freaky Deaky DJ Contest Mix Freaky Deaky If you’re ready to take your DJ sets to the next level, enter our WAVO contest to win a timeslot at this year’s Freaky Deaky Texas! One lucky artist will...

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