Freshtunes Free Distribution

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Freshtunes Free Distribution

Freshtunes Free Distribution are the 4th website I am going to review to find the best free distribution I can to help you decide whether it’s the right  direction for you to take with your musical career.

The first thing that Excites me about Freshtunes, is the ease of signup. As long as you have a Facebook or Google account and you’re good to go without filling out loads of forms.

What they say
“Whether you are just beginning as an artist or have a body of work you want to share, FreshTunes can bring your sounds to the people who need to hear them”
“FreshTunes deals with every major digital music store in the world; you can be sure your album will reach the people who want to hear it. Whether it’s iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon or any other major service, FreshTunes makes sure your tracks are exactly where you need them to be

There are a few stipulations but nothing that you wouldn’t expect norm
“To upload your album, all you need is your music files (in WAV or flac format) and artwork (at least 3100×3100 pixels). Write the name of artist, album name, genre, choose online platforms and countries where you want to sell your album. That’s it!”
But then there’s this one which I’m a bit annoyed about to be honest, only every $25?? This is the catch I’d been waiting for.
“You can withdraw sum multiple to 25 USD – 25, 50, 75, 100 etc. All that remains can be withdrawn next time or spent inside the FreshTunes on our features for Artist.”

Routenote are My favourite distribution site tested so far. Review below

Let’s see if they live up to their claim of “That’s free for everyone ALWAYS.” Below is the song I’m using this time, I’ve been exploring my house production lately, Tech House to be precise although I don’t think I’m on the money just yet.

Freshtunes Free distribution Update: 3 days have passed

I’ve not heard a thing from Freshtunes Free Distribution
so I thought it would be a good idea to see what was going on?
According to my profile page on freshtunes there is an error with my album image?


It doesn’t say what the issue is, they just reiterate the dimensions of the image, which in this case are fine. I have messaged their customer service team but they only work during the week so will be Monday before I hear back. Until then…..

Amuse has been the best for communication and the most informative.
But Wow, that's a big fee!!

FreshTunes Update: 6 days after uploading.
I have re-messeged Fresh vibes to find out what’s going on and so far I have only had an automated reply?
My track is still stuck in limbo.
Music has not been distributed

I had such high hopes of FreshTunes but for now all I can do is wait.

Update: 9 days after uploading.

FreshTunes emailed back a couple of days ago but I didn’t have time to update the post. They basically replied word for word the same error message is what their website had already told me, so pointless really. I could continue the back-and-forth emailing but I’ve decided to bite the bullet and just uploaded a picture. I just put the experience down to bad customer service on their end for both the time it took to reply and the copy and paste reply that it was.

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