Free audio plugins by Sonic Anomaly x 14

Free audio plugins by Sonic Anomaly x 14

Free audio plugins by Sonic Anomaly x 14

Free audio plugins are in abundance these days, but they can sometimes be pretty rubbish.
There are some real good plugins for free but most companies give one or two away free to entice you to buy the premium paid for plugins they have on offer.
So I can’t I’m saying this but Sonic Anomaly have a massive 14 free plug-ins available!
That’s right 14! Plus not a premium purchase in sight!

With so many we’ve picked or favourite three, but please go check them all out.


Surround Pan

Surround Pan is a specialized panning plugin for distributing a stereo or mono signal into a 5.1 surround space.

  • Stereo/mono to 5.1 panner.
  • Supports automation.
  • Several animation modes for source auto-positioning.
  • Includes a user manual.

    Bass Professor II


Bass Professor Mark II is a sound shaping suite for a bass guitar. It can be used for changing a dull DI recorded signal into a powerful amped-like bass sound with lots of character. Bass Professor Mark II offers dynamics processing, eq and a ruff dirt/overdrive specifically suited for bass guitar.

Bass Professor Mark II is not a replacement for the first generation of Bass Professor. It is meant to be an alternative for those situations (but not limited to) where more neutral and less colored bass sound is preferred.

  • Includes user manual

The GUI was designed by Crimsonmerry.

Leet Delay 2

Leet Delay 2 is a delay with character.

  • Option to sync with host tempo.
  • Delay time 0-4000ms.
  • Ping Pong mode.
  • Color slider adjusts the filter frequency of feedbacked signal.
  • Resonance control can go to extreme values.
  • Can create self oscillating infinite loop.

The GUI was designed by Crimsonmerry.

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