The reasons I wanted to start up We Created were simple.

I wanted to create a place not just for music producers but for logo designers, web designers, creatives of all sorts to come and share. I wanted a hub of knowledge and expertise without ever having to pay for it.

You don’t need to be a detective to see so many websites out there now, so focused on making money that they forget what and who they originally catered for. I found any learning materials on youtube are similar sites very hard to navigate as they would only focus on certain aspects.
I wanted premium content website without a premium price.

All of these things are proving much more difficult than I first imagined. Especially while doing all this alone with no money. But I won’t give up on the people that I wanted to help and will continue to do so as long as I can.
One area I spent a lot of time, networking, learning about, contacting various organisations about was 51% of the global population. Women. Those beautiful creatures that gave birth to were all.
I do not feel that I have done justice to any of the above at this moment, so that is going change right now with the latter being the starting point. The Magnificent ladies of the world.


Before this site went live I was chatting to amazing women throughout the world who are doing fantastic things in music.

I found a group of women not 20 miles away from me breaking down barriers within culture and religion to help women produce music, feel confident about themselves, and have some enjoyment in life. I found a branch off to Malta where I grew up in my teenage years, I found amazing YouTube channels yet they had fewer viewers than somebody doing fart jokes. On the flipside, I’ve seen the joke of a DJ be given a set Tomorrowland which would make any up-and-coming DJ regardless of sex, question their own abilities. “If this guy’s get in a shot, what the Fuck am I doing wrong?”
The media seem so shy of giving some of the girls the credit they deserve and instead focus on the struggles they have been through. I want to give credit to achievement without the struggles if such is possible?

So I’m gonna create a section focusing on women.(Yes this all sounds hypocritical, but genuinely it is not.)
I don’t know what I will call it yet And would love your input. I’m toying with the name “fifty-one per cent?”
We are going to start it today. Making sure that it is a regular occurrence.

nb: I checked on the websites statistics for the two sexes and have to admit I was happy, if not little shocked. See image below

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