Competition – We Want Talent – Producers

Part 2 of: Competition – We Want Talent – Singers & Songwriters (Vocalists)

Can you handle a challenge? Think you could impress someone by finishing their song?

We have a fun contest for you with the chance to win distribution to the big sites worldwide including Spotify, Beatport, Apple, Amazon.
We wanted the comp to stand out and give some real life experience. As you will have noticed in the competition name is “part 2” That’s because part of the competition will have already been run before you start your mix/remix. When We wa nt talent and

is complete we will have two fresh acappellas for you to do your magic on. There may be extra backing vocals and even some music but will definitely have a vocal accapella at your disposal. Although both sides can easily work independently to win this challenge, we will ask the vocalists to give a brief of their vision for the song

Talent wanted competition

Basic terms

To enter: Your mission is to make one or both acappellas if you feel you have time, into the next big hit.
The vocal comp will finish on Friday 27th July at 13:00 GMT
Part 2 of the competition will begin as soon as the winners are announced Sunday 29th July from 13:00 (Subject to change depending on entries)
The comp will last for two weeks (subject to change dependent on entries) and a further week to judge the three winners (again change is possible on times.)
The winners will be judged by the two vocal winners and a third through the we chart which anyone registered to the site can vote on. (off site votes will not count)

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