My Review of Bitwig 2.4 broke my heart.  This weekend I finally got around to trying Bitwig Less than 24 hours after the release of 2.4 I was on it like a…….. Man on it….

I wanted this to be a glorious, heartwarming review. I wanted Bitwig to be the Leicester City of the DAW world, were I could slow clap my respect for the under dog, but instead I got the Arsenal. Too expensive for your working class producer, looks nice but same old same old. Good enought to compete with the best……. Just not actually the Best

The excitement was brewing as I clicked the install button.
I’ve been intrigued by Bitwig for a while now. With the knowledge that they have ex staff from Ableton I was certainly hopeful.
Installation didn’t take a long time, and I was able to start making music while packs were still downloading. The GUI was pretty straightforward and easy to navigate although it took me a while to find my music folder and it took me a good half an hour to find the individual tracks BPM. Most options were natural to find.
So far so good but before we dive further into the software but let’s take a look at competition and prices. (see across)

Money coins cash change
  • Avid Pro tools, is on a per mth basis but works out £300 for the year but boasts a $750 USD Bonus gift
  • Reason 10 is at £299.00
  • Reaper is £50 for a lifetime licence 
  • Audacity = Awesome but not a DAW
  • Garageband is a real thing apparently?
  • FL Studio £1,000,000,000 I don’t know?
    See what I mean? Everyone’s prices in Pounds or Dollers. Not FL Though…… Nope. They’re in Euro’s! Of course they are. I’m not even going to convert it. Doesn’t matter.

               What Bitwig have to say about their new version…….

With Bitwig Studio 2.4, our Sampler is reborn. It now comes equipped with
granular and wavetable techniques, which open up infinite sound design
possibilities for the stage or the studio. Along with visual crossfading and a
revamped multi-sample editor, Sampler has gone from trusted sideman to solo

Bitwig 2.4 Sampler

Bitwig 2.4 Sampler

Represents a traditional sampler mode so its Speed control dynamically
changes the playback time and pitch, even allowing negative speeds for recordscratch
effects and more.
Preserves note pitches while using Speed changes to warp the sample,
and an additional Formant parameter dynamically shifts the sound’s character.
This is done by generating wavetables from the sample audio and stretching this
to play incoming notes. Even metallic variations can be made when keyboard
tracking is disabled.
Uses a granular synthesis approach, preserving the samples’ original
pitch while allowing for independent controls for Speed, Grain size, and
grain Motion. Its uses range from pleasantly cloudy to downright abstract.
Additionally, each mode can be set to freeze (❄ icon). This puts the sample
playhead under your control, letting you grab the parameter directly or use
Bitwig Studio’s numerous modulators to innovative effect.

Festicket Ltd
Big Nob one Big

Why the industry has these pockets of tiny twisty button lovers I’ll never know?

Where ar you small knob lovers?


After being named the “DAW of the Year” in 2017 by Computer Music I expected this to be the year for Bitwig. Maybe there’s something on show at Synthfest

After countless hours of fun messing about.

Slight frustration from not being able to save in the demo version. I’m sure with more time I’d get my work flow going. What have I made of it all? Meh…. Bitwig 2.4 is a fine fully functional DAW, easy enough to use with experience in similar software. (Probably easier reading the instructions but that’s for the unadveturous.)
Bitwig 2.4 hasn’t wowed me like I’d hoped. I’m yet to become a superstar and at the end of the day sampler is a sampler but that’s not to say I don’t like it.
I like the GUI it’s very similair to cubase in many ways. It has clear readable features. Anybody that’s read my bit’s before know I like Chunky buttons, not pissy little things I need a telescope to see.

Here’s a perfect example (Below)

I won’t name and shame for those that don’t recognise this but just look at the state of them buttons!
I’m getting a headache just looking at them!
How frustrating it must be to have a visual impairment and have to use software  gui’s the size of stamps.

small nobs small faders vst

Compare it to the plug in on the left and you may just be able to make out the difference! Of course this is an extreme example but a valid on.
Accessabillity is a must for any website owner in 2018 so it is only natural software should  move that way too.

Bitwig 2.4 is a great piece of software and will do just as much as any other DAW really but I can’t justify the cost compared to it’s competitors.

If you want a good cheap (in price) DAW try Reaper.
If you want the most difficult DAW go for Avid Pro tools (3 days and it still hadn’t installed properly so I gave up)
If you want to pretend you’re a producer, would like to tell everyone you’re a producer, claim you’re original while actually being a dick and you’re only doing it for hot chicks then FL studio has your back.

If you want the Best Daw and you’re serious about music then there’s no greater Daw than Ableton.

If you want a bargain DAW while still getting a quality piece of software then Acid pro is the one for you.

If you have money and don’t mind paying the extra then Bitwig 2.4 will do all you require.

ACID Pro 365 – Offer extended 
Exclusively for We Created       
o  All the features of ACID Pro 8
o  Always stay up-to-date
o  Plus, 2 additional instruments
o  Plus, Analogue Modelling Suite (4 mastering plugins)
Only $1 for the first 3 months!
(regularly $9.99 per month for 3 months)

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