Beatport Top 100 how to get there for free

Beatport Top 100 how to get there for free

Beatport Top 100 how to get there free

Beatport Top 100 is an aim for most EDM music producers, whether it’s the fast bpm style of drum and bass or the slow tempo of break beat, Beatport Top 100 is a place most like to be featured. I’m hoping with this review and trial run about to show you how to get there for free. Maybe not the Beatport top 100 exactly but onto Beatport for free.

Beatport Top 100 is somewhere I would personally like to be but honestly have never really pursued it much.
So whilst recently reviewing free distribution, (of which you can review throughout just by clicking the links) I decided it was time to try and get on Beatport for free. it was in searching of ways that I stumbled upon labelpush.

Labelpush screenshot

Labelpush do cater for single artists but are more aimed at record labels. Certainly their free access is for record labels only, by free access they will take maximum 30% which decreases the more money that is made, down to 10%. Which if you read any of the other reviews on free distribution is rather reasonable.
What this did mean always I had to create a record label.

For the record I don’t expect my song to reach the Beatport top 100 by any stretch of the imagination, my sole aim here is to get on Beatport for free.
Unlike the other companies I have tested out for free distribution creating a record label and getting onto Beatport, isn’t a quick affair. Everything from company addresses, artwork, social websites of the label and social websites of the artist/s to name a few of the steps you have to take to create a release on beatport. not only that Beatport assess labels individually before accepting them.

So the new record label -6db and the newest track Whoop wup.
I’ve still got label stuff to finish but should be released 19th Dec.
Until then….

Whoop wup art work

Update: It’s been roughly two weeks since uploading to Label push and I have no idea if I’m waiting for them, they’re waiting for me or something else?
Whilst I was checking beatport for an update, I found I already had a track on Beatport??
it seems Indiefy, one of the first free distributers I tried, had put my song on to BeatPort already! Bonus!

Indiefy Got me on beatport without me even knowing!

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