Arcade Output Review – Is it a Just a Sampler?

I started these videos a month ago and said I’d follow up 30 days later. I’m a little over but the sequel is on it’s way.



Here’s the final Video

Not much to see that I haven’t covered. A Glorified Sampler.

This IS still just a glorified sampler. There is nothing positive I can say about it reallyI don’t see anything new or can’t be achieved for the same cost. The effects aren’t worth the effort of messing with,. they control every noise as a whole not as an individual. (I’ve not found a way) Maybe if you look deep enough you may find a way?? For ten dollars a month save for Ableton live 10 or Bitwig, (Which I will get to at some point.) Studio one, pro tools anything. Just not this.

I really wanted this to be good, an affordable all in one, that everyone can enjoy. Which it’s trying to be but it’s just not pulling it off!

Also to be noted that I read a comment on our Youtube channel that Arcade by Output doesn’t work off line.

For the Annual cost you could do so much better in fact you’ll find better in our Free stuff section

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