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Amuse Free Music Distribution or amuse.io as they are actually called are a Swedish company whom offer free music distribution. Amuse also offer an advance on future earnings of upto 6 months as well as being a record label in their own right. They take up all the costing for a 50/50 share of the profits. Which seems a lot for them and not a lot for us but until more are tried this will be the benchmark. 

Free music distribution for everyone. Record deals for artists we believe in.

They say
“Getting your music heard by the world is easy with Amuse. Upload your tracks and get them distributed to all major streaming platforms and music stores for free. You keep 100% of your rights and royalties.”

Amuse say they distribute to all the big sites that you would want to be on including Amazon Apple iTunes, Deezer, Spotify etc which I expect to be standard for the distribution of music.
So where’s the catch?
Well there isn’t one According to Amuse? the whole idea behind the free distribution is to get the best pickings of new talent so that the record label can sign the best up.
So basically, it’s a bit like ‘X Factor’  but without the cameras or the judges or stage.
The free distribution is a sort of an audition for their record label something may possibly be in the terms and conditions.

They also say
“Why? We believe in giving control back to artists. The reason we offer free music distribution is to help us have a better record label. We use the data from our distribution platform to help us discover new artists. When we find an artist we believe in, we offer them a licensing deal that includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding and PR. The best part? Amuse takes all the risk by paying for the project upfront, splitting profit 50/50 with our artists.”

The soundcloud below is the first song to be given chance to bloom ( basically it’s the newest song I have that is not a remix Competition)

If you’ve ever tried amuse yourself I would love to know your thoughts? drop a comment are getting touch Facebook by Babar 

Amuse seem to be a good first step for any new artist. We love that it’s free. We also love the record label involvement. Amuse have a mobile app that I will be trying too.
I have been emailed after news that my song will be live and distributed on or by 27th September, so roughly 4 weeks from sending them my song. I guess we wait to update.

The second free distributer we tried is RouteNote

Update Friday 3rd Oct:
So it’s been a week since my first test song has been distributed for free through Amuse….
I don’t have a single complaint at present. I checked all the major streaming sites amuse said they would put my song, iTunes, Deezer,  Spotify, Amazon, Napster (who are very easy to steal from I found out) and sure enough my songs in all of them on the day they said.
I have not been charged anything.
They have an app whereby you can follow statistics for any of your songs that you have uploaded with amuse.
I do not have enough stream plays just yet to judge any sort of financial data.

–go on then… Go give it a play Need for Speed – Gods Doctor

Click the button below to see the second Free music distribution company we have tried and tested. Next up is RouteNote

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