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AKAI Force

Akai Professional® Introduces Akai Force Standalone Production Instrument

Akai Force What We think

Akai are always a We Created favourite, In fact I still use in Akai LP25 keybard.
Akai Professional have done it again. Not content with being the first company to manufacture a dedicated MIDI controller for FL studio. Oh no, Akai Professional are Showing there is plenty more to come with the Akai Force contoller.

Akai Force is standalone capable with a 10GB+ out of the box sounds library from SampleTools by CR2, MSX Audio and Sample Magic. 2500+ Loops and 500+ patterns, Force’s core library provides immediate access meaning you don’t need a pc or mac to make great music from the minute you open the box.

Akai Professional have to be up for an award manufacturers in 2019, just with Akai Force on its own without the other quality products that Akai gave us last year. A trend I hope doesn’t change this year.

Akai have also updated older controllers an example below


screen capture sampele packs

Akai Force

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Force features an 8x8 RGB clip launch matrix, a 7-inch full-color touch-capacitive multitouch display, 8 touch-sensitive knobs with graphical OLED displays, two audio inputs, four audio outputs, MIDI and CV I/O. Together, this comprehensive versatility affords the user an unprecedented degree of creative freedom and expression, while remaining totally free of the constraints of being tethered to a computer.
The ultimate side-cart and a solo centrepiece in its own right.

Force provides the pinnacle of liberated performance capability that roots your focus on delivering the ultimate performance, whatever your next set demands.


  • Standalone - no computer required
  • 8x8 clip launch matrix with RGB LEDs
  • 7" color capacitive multitouch display
  • Mic/Instrument/Line Inputs, 4 outputs
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru via 1/8" TRS inputs (5-pin DIN adapters included)
  • (4) configurable CV/Gate Outputs to integrate your modular setup
  • (8) touch-sensitive knobs with graphical OLED displays
  • Time stretch/pitch shift in real time
  • Comprehensive set of AIR effects and Hype, TubeSynth, Bassline and Electric synth engines
  • Ability to record 8 stereo tracks
  • 16GB of on-board storage (over 10 gigs of sound content included)
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Full-Size SD card Slot
  • User-expandable 2.5" SATA drive connector (SATA or HDD)
  • (2) USB 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers

Akai Professional® Announces 3.0.1 Firmware Update

  • What they say
  • update 3.0.1

Hot off the heels of Force’s public debut at NAMM 2019, Akai Professional has announced the release of a 3.0.1 update that introduces a number of new features and workflow refinements to this ground-breaking live performance and music production device.

Force arms musicians, DJs and producers with all essential functionality for the modern clip-based workflow including clip launching, step sequencing, sampling, synths and a 7-inch multi-touch display. Force is designed for the user who wants a standalone product with the latest in modern workflow techniques, free from being connected to the computer. With the 3.0.1 update, Force introduces a highly innovative Launch/Note mode – now users can simultaneously harness the creative power of Force’s Note mode while launching clips on a split, single pad layout. Also included in 3.0.1 is the inclusion of the Mother Ducker and Mother Ducker input effects plugins - recently added to the MPC platform in version 2.4, this pair of processors allows users to create side-chain effects effortlessly via inserts within Force’s mixer window.

3.0.1 also includes a number of workflow refinements including:

  • Updated recording preferences allowing users to use fixed length clip recoding
  • Improved auditioning of sample and loops within Force’s browser – now, files with embedded tempo information will audition in sync with Force’s master BPM
  • Drum program enhancements –users can mute or solo pads in a drum program using Force’s hardware control surface
  • Force can now load FLAC and OGG files
  • The AIR dynamics plugins Compressor, Channel Strip, Maximizer, Transient and Noise Gate now have metering to clearly indicate the input/output levels and the amount of gain reduction applied.

Priced at "How much?"

Price will certainly be an issue for bedroom producers and a lot of low level studios too. Of course it will come down in price as time goes on but with such a high starting point it will be a while for most of us to own one.

Currently retailing a $1,499.00 on Sweetwater in the US and £1,299.99 on PMT in the UK This makes it over double the price of Abletons own Push 2 ($799.00 Sweetwater £519.00 PMT)

Akai Fire controller for FL Studio, including FL Studio, FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition License is only ($199.00 Sweetwater £160.99 PMT) Making it a perfect for most people to tolerate.

Native Instruments have Maschine Studio + Komplete 12 ($1198.00 Sweetwater £775.00 PMT) And it look a bargain compared to Akais prices.

It isn’t all bad news for the standard producer, infact this will probably see the price of other controllers fall and with the likes of Novation, Korg, Roland and Moog having contollers out there. Searching around online will definately find you a bargain.
Also check out Presonus and Avid Pro tools. These guys started life in hardware and adopted to software changes as they happened. They won’t be losing any sleep over Akai Force.


Abelton Users

Attention all Ableton Live enthusiasts! Shortly after its international release, Force’s development program includes a pivotal update that guarantees one-for-one control of all core production and performance functionality within Ableton Live. From total visibility and command of Ableton’s clip matrix to tactile control of core mixer and device parameters instantiated in Ableton Live’s workspace, Force forms the beating heart of your creativity, guaranteeing immediate, effortless integration within your existing setup.

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