Ableton Live a basic beginners guide

Ableton Live a basic beginners guide

This is a basic beginners guide to Ableton live. I won’t be showing you how to become the next Skrillex or Tiesto but I will show you the basic workings of Ableton Live.

This guide is aimed at new producers who are just getting to grips with music production.
I’ll be covering what each section does so that you can get started making your first track.
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You’re free to download any cheat sheets, infograms, images, samples et cetera provided in these guides.
These basic beginners guide to Ableton live include short videos to accompany the guides below. The videos should be around the five minute mark to make it easier to rewatch and replay without having to pointlessly scroll through the parts you don’t want.

Freebie Link
Ableton have loads of free packs for their users. click below to start downloading. https://www.ableton.com/en/packs/#?item_type=free

Library: Ctrl+Alt+B

The image on the left is the library section. This can be accessed by clicking the little triangle in the top left-hand corner or by pressing  Ctrl+Alt+B

Search: CTRL+F
Search will only search the catogory or place highlighted or selected.
You can search everything by clicking “All results” which appears under “Samples” but only once a search has been initiated.

Collection: this is your own grouped collections. You can create these collections by right clicking on a file, folder, sample, midi clip or VST within your library and choosing your appropriate colour.
You can edit the collections by hovering over collections and clicking the edit button when it appears. This is shown in more detail in the video below.


These are mainly Ableton stock except “Max for live” & “plug-ins”

Sounds: These are plucks, pings, strings and dings supplied with Ableton Live.
Drums: These are Toms, Snares, Hi Hats and Kicks. These can also be loaded as a drum rack
Instruments: These are guitars, pianos trumpets and horns etc.
Audio effects: These can be added to a single track or as a return track. They effect audio and Midi.
Midi effects: the same as audio but only midi is effected.
*Max for Live: These are user (Homemade) Effects and Instruments.
*Plug-ins: These are YOUR plug-ins normally stored under your VST folder
Clips: These are similair to samples or loops but they fuction in the window
Samples: These are Ableton stock samples

All results: This pops up when a search has been performed, Ableton searches every folder and lists everything inc plugins, effects and samples.

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