8D audio! What’s the fuss? It’s just panning, I don’t get it

8D audio! What’s the fuss? It’s just panning, I don’t get it

8D audio What’s the fuss? It’s just panning! I don’t get it?

So whilst perusing forums and chats I came across a request by somebody for 8D audio, obviously intrigued I went to investigate.

What I found was frankly horrible.

I just don’t get it?
The closest I’ve come to being able to listen to  one of these stupid songs is the White stripes – Seven nation army and When I first heard about 8D audio I got so excited that this is that this is the one this is gonna be so cool it will sound like you’re actually there! Well let me tell you that was a letdown and half, I barely made it past 30 seconds.
Truth be told I found it quite nauseating.

So what is 8D Audio? To put it simply as far as I can see (or hear would be more appropriate.) It’s just panning, that’s it, standard left to right right to left the only real thing I’ll say in its favour is that the panning seemed to be behind me as oppose two in front of me.
So where does the 8D come in? I assumed that it would be forwards backwards up down and then distance from them points. That is certainly not the case.

I have been in touch with a producer called eight dimension whom has a lot of videos mostly rap and hip-hop. I’ve asked if I could get a few words to find out what the crack is so we will have to wait and see. In the meantime below is a video of seven Nation Army so you can listen for yourself and judge.


So what do you think of it?

Did you make all the way through? Feel nauseated? I think truth be told it’s not even as good as the 3D audio the likes of the barbershop that is what? 16 years old now?


It kinda reminds me of when I first started doing remixes and I found a plug-in called MFMI think it is by the U-he. I spent about three hours planning this song of mine around the room like a spinning top. For now I will leave it and see whether the producer a dimension audio gets in touch and bring you some more on this.
While we wait on an answer I would love to hear your thoughts.

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