5 Good reasons KiloHearts are the Best

5 Good reasons KiloHearts are the Best plugins

For Accessability, Simplicity and Ease of Use

KiloHearts are the best audio plugins for music producers I have reviewed this year.
I have been using KiloHearts plug-ins for a while now as part of my music creation and without a doubt, they are some of the best plug-ins I have used.
They are clean looking, simple and easy-to-use.
Backed by big-name artists as well as myself, a wide range of freebies to try before you buy.
I challenge anyone to find me another company providing plug-ins that ticks every box!

“I love Big knobs”

“How many other plug-ins give instant help info without having to search for the question mark?”

“Simple equals a speedy workflow”

Waves One Knob Range

Nobody has a Bigger Knob

What is accessibility?

When most people think of accessability they think of wheelchairs and ramps but accessability is so much more.
Dyslexia, colour blindness, short and long sighted, deafness, Epilepsy are just five common conditions people have in our everyday lives. I’m sure you know at least one person in your life with one of these, yet software companies worldwide ignore this.
Accessibility is everyday people in everyday life being able to use everyday tools with ease.
I covered kilo Hearts in a previous review.

Does anybody else use them?

With big-name artists including  Black Sun Empire, Evol Intent, Freemasons, Matt Zo to name a few backing KiloHearts plug-ins it’s a reassurance of the quality these plug-ins provide. With quotes including
“You guys Rock” Deadmou5e
“Is one of those plugins that does something you probably didn’t think was possible, until you hear it.
— Nik Roos | Noisia

Still not convinced?
Well then I suppose I’d better tell you about their freebies seeking try for yourself. KiloHearts are happy to provide you with seven completely free plug-ins to try and keep for life. The freebies include an EQ; chorus, delay, gain, limiter, stereo and Snap heap giving you a wide-ranging choice of plug-ins to try.

Oh did I mention KiloHearts have a 1/2 price sale until January?

Simplicity equals better workflow

A large part of producing music or being a music producer should I say, is workflow. Workflow is basically how well & quickly you can get the job done without compromising on quality, so any product, piece of software or plug-in that helps get this done improves workflow.
For example writing in drum beats with a mouse can be time-consuming but using a MIDI controller or a drum machine plug-in will speed up the process thus improving workflow.
A surefire way of achieving this in the use of plug-ins, is simplicity. Less buttons and knobs to tweak and twist equals less time spent on using the plug-in equals a quicker workflow.
KiloHearts have this idea just right. Not too many buttons, clear instructions as to what each knob does and with a simple design equals a quicker workflow.

Of all the cool plug-ins kilohearts provide, Faturaror is my favourite!
Faturator is a distortion plug-in not dis-similar in many ways to other distortion plug-ins in its class, but so different in a way that is hard to describe without actually using it.
I do believe that the Faturator is available for free trial but be warned….. It may make you feel warm and fuzzy.

A collection of outakes trying to make the review video

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