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12/08/18 We're working on the site adding players for the remix competition so be aware of glitches

We have 24hr and 48 hour sample challenges to help you with your work flow & creativity. *Warning timer will start as soon as you click. **You will need to be logged in


The Site is about you

Give feedback, give advice, take criticism & be humble. *Elvis 2018*

Thanks for checking the site out.
I’m Mark,

I wanted to let you know a few things.
You are the reason for the site, so what do you want from it?
There are no subscription fees so please allow the ads. They are selected by us and are relevent to the site and contents, Good Offers can be found for sure and super 30 day trials, FREE on most links. nothing but 5 mins of your time and we’ll give you days, weeks, months of ours in return.
Turn off the blocker opon arrival click a link on your Departure please. 

Thanks and don’t hesitate to suggest.

you can build sandcastles

WHEELCHAIR Racing weekenders

We're licenced to sell beer

Fighter Jet Friday fiesta

This will have top of the charts when thy're up and running

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Now Streaming in the UK: Amazon Music Unlimited Combining the simplicity and magic of natural language voice control—powered by Alexa—with […]

Hype Beatport FREE

Singers Music producers & DJ’s this one’s for Y’all! Music, Song producers, Beatmakers and Singers. Beatport is FREE for a […]


We (I) are always looking for help to join the team. If you think you can contribute in any way please email contact@wecreated.fun

Mark Russell

Founder, Designer, Owner
Angry a lot.


He just annoys everyone
He farts a lot

Dave or davina

Head of Coffee or Tea
Just call them D it’s easier

We Circle Only Blue

Willy aka WeEWee

I think this is a fake profile
Don’t trust Willy.


Here's some fictional praise

Sweat Melt

Party Party, I love we created wooo

Linda lovechild

What an Amazing website. This is only going to get better and better. I’ll be sticking around, that’s for sure

Smokey Joe

I used to come here as a kid,  Was different back then I can tell you.
None of this Broadband and fibre Optic. Oh no!
We used to have to wait for the telephone to ring to look at website. Dial up it was called.  Anyway,  what was your question again?
Oh there’s Debra, Hey Debra

Cynthia Henry

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